How to Keep From Overworking Your Commercial HVAC System

Your commercial heating and air conditioning system is a big investment for any business owner or building owner, which is why you want to ensure you're doing everything you can to keep it in good repair. This means more than just calling a service person to inspect it once per year, as there are many other steps you might take to ensure that HVAC system is not being overloaded or is suffering unnecessary wear and tear. Note a few tips for ensuring that system is not being overworked throughout the year.

Adding dehumidifiers

Your HVAC system needs to work to take out excess humidity in a space, and this can mean a lot more work for buildings with indoor pools, saunas, kitchens, and other such areas that create or trap humidity. Adding dehumidifiers in these spaces can ensure that your air conditioner doesn't run too often just to remove humidity and also ensures that furnace filters don't get clogged with too much dust and debris because of all that humidity in the air, which then pulls that debris through a furnace filter. Many companies that provide commercial heating and cooling systems can also create or provide a custom dehumidifier that works well for your space in particular.

Roof ventilation

Roofing vents with turbines can also alleviate much of the humidity in your building, as well as allowing the heat or air conditioning created by your commercial system to circulate more readily through the building. Have the vents and turbines placed over areas that may trap heat during summertime and over areas that are especially drafty during wintertime. This will ensure that your commercial HVAC system doesn't need to work so hard to push warm or cold air through those areas and your building can be more comfortable overall, without the HVAC system working as hard.


Skylights can let in more light in darkened areas so your furnace doesn't work so hard during wintertime. Skylights that you open can also mean letting out the heat that gets trapped in the ceiling during summertime; they can also vent heat over a production area or anyplace where you use welding equipment and other such processes that produce a large amount of heat. Adding skylights to areas like a foyer or other such large space can then also mean not having to turn on as many overhead lights; if these lights produce heat, this can make your air conditioning system work harder in the summer.

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