Residential Power Systems: How to Maximise on Your Solar Energy Investment

If you are thinking about using renewable energy in your home, you should install a solar panel system. This investment is ideal because it will help you harvest clean power from the sun. You will reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the preservation of non-renewable energy resources. Also, the sun is an infinite and free power source, so you will significantly reduce your long-term energy charges. If you decide to install a solar system, consider using these tips to maximise energy production and get better returns on your investment.

Calculate your wattage requirements

You should calculate the wattage requirement in your home before purchasing and installing a solar power system. The details will help you establish the size of the panels and the total number required to sufficiently power your house. When making this assessment, you should use the figures identified during the season of your greatest needs such as winter. The power demands during this season are higher because space heaters are often used for internal climate control. Moreover, the sunshine experienced during winter is generally limited. Choosing your panels based on these needs will ensure sufficient power throughout the year.

Consider panel placement

Solar panels should be placed in areas where they will obtain maximum solar exposure for maximum energy production. You should consult a professional for the assessment of your property before beginning the solar panel installation process. They will identify the best spot on your roof or property for the asset. Often, homeowners are unable to objectively choose the best space for panel placement because of emotional considerations. If you decide to evaluate your property and make the decision without expert assistance, you should remember that these panels are about energy savings, not visual appeal.

Establish a maintenance plan

Solar panels are low maintenance investments for your home. However, negligence will cause accelerated breakdown and even failure. Furthermore, the lack of proper upkeep can reduce the total amount of energy produced by the system. Therefore, establish a simple maintenance program for the best results. You should check the solar panels regularly to ensure that they are secure in their position. You should also clean the surfaces to make sure that the area can capture solar energy more efficiently. If there is snow, clear it completely after the weather improves. Also, you should trim the trees around your home to prevent shading of solar panels. 

If you are uncertain about your choices with regard solar energy, you should consult your contractor for advice. 

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