How to Diagnose Potential Problems with Your HVAC Heating

While Australia is not known for its frigid conditions and enjoys largely temperate or tropical weather, occasionally a cold snap comes along. When this appears many people run to turn on the centralised heating that comes as part of their HVAC system. Sometimes, this doesn't want to respond though. What should you be looking for to try to fix this issue if it arises?

Looking for Simple Solutions First

You may be aware that a typical HVAC system is quite complex and has a number of different moving parts. Before you assume the worst though, have a look at some of the more obvious potential problems and then work progressively on from there. It could be that you won't need to call out an engineer if the problem is straightforward, but otherwise at least you will have eliminated some of the options.

Power Check

You will find that the HVAC system is connected to the electricity supply in separate sections, as it requires a lot of power to operate. Remember that the air conditioning unit inside will likely have a separate circuit to the furnace, which usually sits outside. Make sure to check both circuit breakers independently.

Changing the Batteries

While you might think that everything runs off the mains, this is not always the case. A thermostat may be independent of the power supply, and in this case, it could be that the batteries have worn out.

Resetting the System

If you cannot detect any heat when you have adjusted the thermostat upwards (and after having replaced the batteries) then switch the system off and go to the furnace. Is the panel door closed, as it needs to be? If all looks good there, find the reset button which is within the panel door and try pressing that.

A Spring Clean?

If you haven't given the entire system a service since the long, hot summer, then this may be your problem. Are all the ventilation ducts clear and have you changed the filter? A severely blocked filter could significantly compromise the ability of the system. Double check to ensure that the filter has been replaced the proper way, with the arrow pointing inwards.

Calling in the Experts

These are the checks that anybody can make without a degree of mechanical aptitude. If you walked through all of these tests and still cannot generate any heat, it's time to call in a qualified HVAC technician to get to the root of the problem.

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