3 Signs Your Home Air Conditioner Is In Need of Repair

An air conditioner doesn't need to fail completely to need repair work; understanding common signs of needed repair can ensure that you get this work done as needed and avoid the risk of the unit shutting down and of having minor repairs turn into major problems. Note 3 signs that your air conditioner is in need of repair so you know when to call a contractor, and what to expect by way of work to be done.

Strange smells

The air conditioner and the air flowing from it should never have any type of odour; if you notice a mouldy smell, or something that resembles algae, this can mean a water leak somewhere in the lines. Mould may now be growing along the building materials of your home, or algae is developing in standing water around the area of the leak.

If you notice a burning smell when the air conditioner switches on, this can indicate that the insulation around the wires to the air conditioner have worn away. This can be dangerous and put your home at risk for an electrical fire. To avoid any of this damage to your home, have the A/C unit checked whenever you notice any of these odours.

The home is very cool

Don't assume that a home that gets very cool, very quickly, is a good thing; this often means the air conditioner is working too hard to push air through the vents. In turn, it may not be able to remove humidity before cycling off, so this moisture then builds up around the attic and other areas. If the unit is working too hard, this can also put added wear and tear on the motor and fan.

Electrical problems can mean the wiring from the thermostat is not sending correct signals to the compressor, so that it doesn't maintain a proper temperature. The motor and fan may also be breaking down so that they don't shut off when they should, making the home too cool.

Odd sounds when you turn on the unit

If you hear thumping and bumping or rattling behind the walls when the unit starts, this often means the ductwork is coming loose or that the air is being pushed too hard through those ducts. A gurgling sound can also mean a water leak or condensation from the unit, and these should be repaired before your home suffers water damage and mould growth.

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