3 Simple Actions Homeowners Can Take to Keep Their Air Conditioners in Good Working Order

Proper maintenance of air conditioners is critical to ensuring that users enjoy efficient cooling service for the entire lifespan of the equipment. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to maintain their air conditioners as required simply because they are too busy to pay any attention to it. Failure to take proper care of their air conditioners, as these homeowners eventually come to find out, results in sudden break down of the equipment, costly repairs and reduced equipment lifespan. The good news is that with these basic air conditioner maintenance tips, homeowners can steer clear of these undesirable outcomes. 

Replacing dirty air conditioner filters

Dirt can be found in every home, including those that are frequently cleaned. Some of the dirt, like dust particles, human hair, and pet dander, can become airborne and contaminate the indoor air going into the air conditioning system through the air intake vents. Air conditioner filters perform the important job of trapping these dirt particulates so that they do not come out on the other end — the air supply vents. Over time, these filters usually need to be replaced because they would have been clogged by dirt and rendered ineffective.

Homeowners should replace dirty air filters as required to ensure proper flow of air into the air conditioning equipment is maintained. Without proper airflow, the equipment may be forced to run harder than is required to attain the desired indoor temperatures. 

Cleaning the equipment

Over time, dirt builds up on the exterior compartment of air conditioning equipment, but also find its way into the interior components of the equipment. The condenser unit is more prone to dirt buildup because it is located outdoors. Homeowners should take time to remove the casing on both the indoor and outdoor units and clean out the dust and dirt buildup. They can use an air blower to blow off the dirt, or wipe off the buildup using a dry, clean rag. 

Turning the equipment OFF when it is not needed

Homeowners do not always need to keep their air conditioners running. There are times when the weather is moderately cool and therefore the cooling service of air conditioners is not required. Instead of keeping the equipment running 24/7, it is best to turn it OFF during such times. This helps prolong the lifespan of the equipment, but also reduces electricity costs. 

Homeowners should keep in mind that these maintenance tips are not a substitute for routine maintenance by a professional HVAC technician, but they can go a long way in minimising downtime and lengthening the lifespan of their equipment. 

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