Three HVAC questions to ask before buying a property

When buying a home, there are many things to consider. You must think about the location of the property, the number and size of the rooms in the house, the general condition and decoration of the property and a hundred and one other details that will help make the property the perfect new home for your family.

One thing that you might not immediately consider is the heating system in the home. Not thinking about the HVAC system could be a major mistake, the system has a major role in making your home comfortable and safe, it also represents a major expense if it fails soon after you move in.

Knowing the right questions to ask about the HVAC system could save you from making a costly mistake, or facing an unexpected repair bill just after completing the property purchase. If you identify a problem you may be able to negotiate a reduction in the property price, or persuade the property owner to share the cost of HVAC repairs as a part of the purchase agreement.

What type of HVAC system is installed?

Does the HVAC system employ a central air conditioner for cooling and a forced air furnace for heating or is it a more unusual system? Understanding the type of system in the home is central to knowing what maintenance the system may need, and what costs may be involved in keeping it running.

How is the heating system powered?

Different HVAC systems have different running costs. Your air conditioning system could be gas, electric, or geothermal. Knowing the power source will allow you to make an estimate of the costs involved in running the system in the longer term.

What is the age of the system?

A typical HVAC system will last 10-15 years depending on the amount of maintenance that has been carried out during its lifetime. As the system ages parts will begin to fail and they must be replaced. Some parts will be expensive to replace, and if you need to renew the entire system the cost will be substantial. Older air conditioning systems tend to be less efficient and require more expensive replacement parts. If the system is newer there may still be a warranty on the system so may sure you ask about it as this could be a major bonus.

Identifying the right questions to ask about a heating system could save you money for years into the future, so make sure you ask before you complete the purchase.

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