3 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without Using Too Much AC

In the summer, all you want to do is set the temperature in the home as low as possible. However, as you strive to create a comfortable indoor environment, you may be increasing the cooling costs in the home without knowing. Additionally, cranking up the AC can also cause it to wear down a little faster, increasing the maintenance and repair costs. Luckily, there are various ways that you can keep your house cool without overworking the AC or increasing the energy costs. Read on to find out.

Turn off AC at night

During the hot season, temperatures tend to be uncomfortably high even during the night. Instead of keeping the air conditioning system running throughout the night, you can turn it off and open the windows in your living room and bedroom. This will allow you to enjoy cool, fresh air from outside without overworking the AC. If you still want to run the air conditioner, you can set the thermostat in such a way that the unit doesn't use up too much energy.

Close shades and blinds during the day

The last thing you need as you try to keep the house cool on a hot summer afternoon is to have solar rays streaming in your house. This will cause the air conditioning system to consume more energy as it strives to keep the room cool amidst the solar radiation. Close the blinds and shades in the home during the day to maximize the efficiency of the system and decrease the heating costs. If you have any heavy curtains, you can swap them with light curtains, sheers, and blinds to avoid retention of heat which could also affect the comfort of the indoor environment.

Limit use of heating appliances

Have you ever thought how much your hair dryer or oven contributes in increasing the temperatures in the home? These appliances, when used when the AC is on can cause it to consume a lot of energy as it cools the already heated air in the room. Limit the use of appliances that generate heat, especially when the AC is running. However, if you must use the oven, keep the kitchen window open so that the air from outside can cool the room. Do the same when using the dryer in the bathroom as well.

In addition to these tips, ensure that you undertake regular tune-up of the air conditioning system. This will maximize its efficiency and ensure that any faulty parts are repaired to avoid excessive energy consumption in the home.

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