4 Reasons You Should Clean Your AC Ductwork Regularly

For most people, cleaning the ducts in their HVAC unit has never even crossed their minds. Unlike filters and fans, air ducts are hidden away, so you don't see or think about them, much less clean them during your routine cleanup. Unfortunately, failure to maintain and clean the ductwork regularly can have dire consequences on your AC unit, so it's something that you must start doing. Here are some of the reasons you must clean your ducts.

Keep Energy Bill Low

If the ducts are blocked by dust and debris, they cannot function correctly, meaning the heater and air conditioner will have to work extra hard to maintain comfortable temperatures. When the air conditioner or the heater is overworking, more energy is required, which increases your energy bill.

Keep Away Allergens

Air circulates through a house about seven times every day. If the ducts are dusty and full of cat hair and other allergens, they will distribute the dirty air in your home. This negative air quality will without a doubt cause respiratory issues to members of your family and trigger allergies. If you notice people have started sneezing and wheezing, chances are the ducts are circulating dirty air, and they need a thorough cleaning.

Prevent Rodent Infestation

It is very unfortunate, but rodents, cockroaches, and other pests love to hide in ducts because it's warm and dark. Over time, these pests will eat through you ducts, causing leaks, or they will die there which will lead to a horrible smell all over your house. The only way to ensure you don't have unwanted visitors in your ducts is to clean them regularly. If you find any rodents or insects there, you can disrupt their life and get them out before they cause serious issues.

Increase the Lifespan of the AC

All the parts of an HVAC unit work together to clean and circulate cool air in your house. If one part has malfunctioned and is not repaired, the other parts have to compensate by overworking. This is what happens when the air ducts are broken, blocked or rusted, causing the other parts to overcompensate for the leaking air. Overworking will eventually cause strain and too much wear and tear to all the other pieces, meaning your unit will break down soon after that.

Cleaning air ducts is no easy task, but it's a necessary task to keep your air conditioning unit working correctly. If you cannot clean the ducts thoroughly, it's advisable to contact an HVAC contractor to do the maintenance.

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