Top considerations for commercial refrigeration

It doesn't matter if you're a retail unit, high-tech lab or restaurant, if you need cool rooms for your day to day operations, refrigeration is everything. Unlike the weather, refrigeration needs to be a precise science, and for many environments (such as in the food industry) it could even be a legal requirement. The technology that powers the industry is constantly changing and new standards are being developed all the time. 

Whether you're just starting out on the search for a refrigeration professional, or already have cool rooms in place, there are lots of considerations to keep in mind throughout the life-cycle of commercial refrigeration.

Sustainability and efficient refrigeration

Refrigeration doesn't have to be the expensive and energy intensive process it used to be. Cool rooms can be run using green technology, and controlled to ensure that their impact on the planet is as small as possible. Of course, it's not just the planet which will benefit - there are lots of business benefits to be gained by harnessing a more efficient approach to cool rooms. Energy saving often leads to cost savings, meaning more investment into other areas of your business.

While refrigeration will always be a business cost, it is important to make these assets work as hard as possible and provide the most effective solution. Consider investing more into more sustainable cool rooms for longer term savings.

Maintenance costs

Unfortunately, you're probably all too aware that refrigeration comes with additional maintenance costs. As these are specialist solutions, you can't just turn them on and off again. Most HVAC contractors will be able to offer specific maintenance packages which can prevent unforeseen costs and panics at peak times. However, it's important to consider that your maintenance package doesn't just keep things as they are, but also offers advice and opportunities to effectively and efficiently upgrade cool rooms when needed. This 'active' maintenance can help you stay ahead of the game, and ahead of surprise bills. 

Finding a contractor

A quick Google search will doubtless pull up lists of hundreds of refrigeration contractors in your local area. However, selecting the right one is crucial when investing significant amounts of money into cool rooms and refrigeration systems. A good place to start the search for a contractor is AIRAH, a professional organisation for the industry. From there, speak to other local businesses to see if anyone has any recommendations for who to use (and who to stay away from).

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