Residential Air Conditioning: Four Simple Solutions for Uneven House Cooling

Under ideal circumstances, the central air conditioner in your home should cool the interior space uniformly. In simple terms, you should not experience uneven cooling in your rooms. However, there are some factors which can contribute to the uncomfortable phenomenon of cold and warm spots. If you are currently dealing with this air conditioning problem in your residential building, you should consider applying these simple solutions for optimal results. 

Check the Ductwork for Leaks

Central air conditioners can fail to provide ideal climate control due to leaks in the ductwork. Therefore, you should hire an HVAC contractor to perform an inspection. Ductwork leaks can be caused by loosening of the air duct joints or fissures in the channel walls due to mechanical stress. The holes will cause the loss of cooled air; the released air will not provide sufficient cooling. You should have leaks repaired immediately to resolve uneven cooling. You should also note that the loss of cooled air causes stress to your air conditioner. 

Replace the Duct Insulation

You might have cooling problems in your home due to inefficient insulation around the ducts. This issue is prominent in houses with sheet metal ductwork. The sheet metal tends to allow heat exchange. Therefore, without proper insulation, the cooled air will gain heat, causing inefficient space cooling. You should check on this issue if you have been experiencing uneven cooling. You should make sure that there is insulation correctly wrapped around the tubes. You should also check the rating or R-value; make sure it is sufficient for your needs.

Install Ventilation Fans

You should think about installing some ventilation fans around your house. This additional climate control element is particularly beneficial if you have a large space with insufficient vents. In general, cold air has more weight than warm air. Therefore, the cooled air from your air conditioner will settle close to the ground after release instead of flowing around your entire space. When you install some fans, they will stir up the air and ensure that the temperature in the whole room is uniform. 

Clean the AC Vents

Finally, you should check your air vents and deal with problems which could be causing insufficient airflow. If your vents and registers are dirty, they will interrupt the flow of cooled air. Therefore, you should perform regular cleaning to remove blockages and improve the indoor air quality. You should also check if there are vents blocked by décor items or furniture. Remove the obstructions for optimal airflow. 

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