3 Things To Consider When Choosing And Installing An Air Conditioning Unit For Your Home

The recent summer has seen a number of record-breaking heat waves right around the country. The intensity and duration of these unseasonably hot temperatures have seen even the most die-hard lovers of hot weather sweltering and wishing for relief. Like many others, it may also have been the tipping point that has made you decide to finally install air conditioning in your home.

Air conditioning installation can mean the difference between riding out a hot spell in comfort and suffering through it. However, installing air conditioning isn't as simple as buying a unit and having it installed. Here are three things to consider when choosing and installing your new air conditioning unit.

1. Choose the right size

Air conditioning units come in a variety of different sizes and vastly different cooling capacities. Choosing one that is suited for the area that you wish to cool is vital if you want it to adequately cool your home when needed.

A smaller unit might save you some money in the short term, but you won't experience the full benefit of the cooling abilities of a larger, more appropriately sized model. A smaller unit will need to work harder, which will cost you more in running costs and will reduce the lifespan of the unit considerably.

2. Choose the right position

The position in which your air conditioning unit is located within your home is another consideration that makes a great deal of difference in its performance and how economically it can be run. This includes both the inside component and the outside component.

Ideally, the indoor component should be installed in a central location on an interior or well-insulated exterior wall. This will prevent the unit from overheating due to the permeation of exterior heat. The outdoor unit should be located in a shady or protected location that still allows for plenty of airflow to the fan and air vents.

3. Organise a maintenance schedule

Once you've chosen the right model and had it installed, it's important to organise a regular maintenance schedule with your air conditioning contractor. Like any appliance, it will need to be serviced at least once per year to ensure that it is cooling optimally and that there are no parts that need replacing.

You should also ask your contractor to show you how to attend to basic maintenance yourself. Regular cleaning of the filters and a visual inspection of outdoor units will help to ensure that your air conditioning works effectively and efficiently and will last you for many years to come.

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