Is Your Ducted Gas Heating System In Need of Maintenance Services?

Standard heaters may provide some reprieve from the cold, but they are not sufficient when it comes to whole-house heating. If the cold is particularly unbearable for you, then ducted heating would be an ideal option to consider. You have the flexibility of choosing to install the ducts in your walls, roofing or flooring. However, since ducted gas heating systems tend to be quite durable, some homeowners neglect maintaining them. This can lead to the premature malfunctioning of your system. The following are some signs your ducted heating may be in dire need of maintenance.

An increase of particulate matter in your indoor air

One of the telltale signs that ducted heating requires some care and maintenance is the quality of your indoor air becoming compromised. This is especially common if you have not used your ducted gas heating system for a while, then suddenly begin using it during the winter months. When not in use, dust and other types of debris will accumulate in the ductwork. As the hot air is being circulated in your home, you will begin to notice floating matter in your air. You should call on HVAC contractors to carry out a thorough cleaning of your ductwork to prevent the risk of allergies flaring and other respiratory problems.

If you notice that the air smells off when you turn on your ducted gas heating, it could mean that mould has developed in the ductwork. It is crucial to stop using the ducted heating until it has been cleaned to prevent the spread of the mould spores in your home. Foul odours could also indicate that vermin may have made their way into the ductwork and left faecal matter inside them.

Heated airflow is weak

You can easily spot weakened airflow if you have to turn up the heating higher than you are normally used to when trying to warm up your residence. One of the more common reasons why you could be experiencing weakened airflow is blockages in the ductwork. These clogs will decrease the space available inside the ductwork, which in turn limits the amount of heated air that is released into the home.

It should be noted that weakened airflow is not simply an inconvenience. It also means that your ducted heating will be working harder to sufficiently warm your residence. This, in turn, can negatively impact the lifespan of the heating system. It would be best to have heating contractors determine the cause of the weakened airflow and remedy it posthaste.

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