3 Things to Check When Your Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air

When an air conditioner starts to blow warm air instead of cold, there are a few things you should check before you call an air conditioning repairs service. Follow these three simple troubleshooting steps to work out what is wrong with your air conditioner. 

1. Thermostat Settings

Calling out an air conditioning repairs service only to find that you are using the unit incorrectly can be very embarrassing — and of course expensive. Before you do anything else, take a careful look at the settings to check the unit is set to cool rather than heat. If the thermostat temperature is set too high, the air conditioning unit will automatically start blowing warm air rather than cool to bring the temperature of your home up to that setting.

2. Filters

Air conditioner filters require regular cleaning to keep the unit working at maximum efficiency. If you do not clean the filters in your air conditioner, they will gradually become blocked with dust, lint and hair, which will restrict the flow of air through the air conditioning system.

If you feel confident removing the filters from the unit yourself, you can clean them using a simple solution of water and dish soap. Use a soft brush to gently sweep the dirt away from the filter without damaging it. Be sure to let the filters dry completely before you put them back into the air conditioning unit. Do not run the air conditioner without the filters in place.

If you do not know where to find the filters in your air conditioning unit, or you would rather let someone else do the dirty work of cleaning out the hair and gunk for you, schedule a maintenance check with a reliable air conditioning service company. During this check, a technician will clean the filters and check that all other parts of the air conditioning unit are in good condition.

3. Ducts

The ducts in your air conditioning system move cooled air around your home. If one of these ducts becomes disconnected or develops a leak, cooled air can spill out and mix with warmer air in your home's attic or crawlspaces. This is likely to result in a weak, warm flow of air from the air conditioning vents.

If you can find the leaking duct, you can easily repair it with duct tape. However, as ducts are often awkwardly located in crawlspaces, finding the source of the leak is not always easy. If you need help finding and fixing the problem, get in touch with a local company that offers air conditioning repairs.

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