Tips to prevent the growth of mould in your AC unit

The growth of mould in your air conditioning unit is harmful. Exposure for prolonged periods can lead to health concerns for you and your family. While mould in the AC is a common problem, regular maintenance can prevent its build-up. Some ways to prevent the growth of mould in your AC include the following:

Regulate moisture

An AC provides a conducive environment for the growth of mould due to the presence of humidity and the right temperature. The presence of mould on your exterior and a musty smell are indications that you need to regulate moisture in your AC unit. If you are purchasing a new AC unit, ensure it has a humidity control function. ACs with this function will regulate moisture automatically, which prevents the growth of mould.

Auto function

Even if you are not using your AC, you should avoid switching it off and instead set the auto function. The auto function allows for a constant airflow even if the AC is not in use for heating or cooling. The auto function ensures that the air inside your home is cycled continuously to prevent residual moisture and hence the build-up of mould. One mistake people make when they leave for vacations is that they switch off the AC altogether. If your vacation is during summer, moisture levels combined with increased temperatures will allow for mould growth. You can avoid this by running your AC on auto mode.


Dust is one of the critical ingredients for the active growth of mould. When you vacuum regularly, you remove any dust present in your carpets and floors. Vacuuming also disturbs dust particles that your air conditioner can filter. You can use a vacuum attachment to remove any dust and pollen inside the AC ducts. You can also use a cleaning solution after vacuuming for best results.

Regular maintenance

An AC unit is perfect for mould growth as it is dark and warm, and without maintenance, it accumulates moisture. One way to prevent mould growth is to ensure regular maintenance. This means cleaning the AC daily and conducting mould inspections. If you do not know how to clean the AC, you can hire a professional who has the right expertise in opening up an AC. A professional can inspect the AC's drain pans to ensure they work properly and to check for any build-up of debris. They will also clean the filters and replace them if necessary and clean the ducts.

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