Split Versus Packaged Air Conditioning System: Which Is Your Best Bet?

Air conditioning units are a great addition to any living space. When things get too hot or too cold, you can always count on them to switch things up and make the space habitable. Choosing the right air conditioning system is necessary for optimising favourable conditions in your building. Such scenarios prompt you to compare the different kinds of air conditioning systems available on the market today In this article, you will learn a few things about split and packaged air conditioning systems. This discussion should help you make the right choice. 

Defining Split Air Conditioners 

The term split air conditioning system gives you an idea of how the system is set up. Typically, split-system air conditioners have two independent units. These are the evaporative coil and the condenser. The units are connected via a line-set made of copper tubing meant for transferring the refrigerant in the unit from one section to the other. You can quickly tell if you are buying a split-system air conditioner by checking the installation set-up on the unit's manual. If the components sit separately in two locations, such as the attic and the house's interior, then you have a split system on your hands. Separating the units on split-system air conditioners facilitates quiet operation. They are also ideal for those who prefer to conceal their air conditioning unit and would rather have one part of the unit in a garage, in an attic or outside the house. 

Defining Packaged Air Conditioners

Unlike a split-system air conditioning unit, packaged air conditioners have all the parts integrated into one unit. The condenser and the evaporative coils, tasked with cooling outdoor air, sit next to each other in the compact unit. The set-up works well if you are short on space in your interior. However, the packaged air conditioning system is not as quiet as a split-system conditioner. Their small size also limits manufacturers from producing units with high-efficiency ratings. Their seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings rank on the lower side of the standard 13 to 21 scale. Essentially, this means that you will not be able to save as much energy as you would with a split-system air conditioner. 


Split-system air conditioners offer the efficiency and quietness that most people desire from an air conditioning unit. You can install them anywhere in the house, including study rooms that demand lots of silence from the equipment in use. Call an HVAC company to learn more about split systems today.

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