Has Your Residential Air Conditioning Unit Frozen Up? See Who You Should Blame for This

Having an air conditioning unit that won't work during the hot season can be disturbing. Residential air conditioning units develop various problems, and freezing up is among the issues that cause them to malfunction. If you don't regularly service your air conditioning unit, it could freeze up and stop working. Most residential air conditioning units don't freeze up because of poor handling or temperature changes; they do so because regular professional maintenance has been neglected. Here is why your residential air conditioner may freeze up:

You Let It Run 24 Hours

Even if your air conditioning unit should cool the indoor air to boost your comfort levels in your home, it shouldn't work 24 hours. That's why most AC experts recommend that you turn on the unit during the day and probably give it a break at night. Even if this might not be possible for those working from home, they should still find a way to ensure their air conditioner gets some rest daily. Turn off your AC unit for several hours and work from outside. And since working from outside during spring or winter might be challenging, just increase the indoor temperature for a few hours daily so your AC unit can rest. But if your air conditioner runs 24 hours daily, it's likely to freeze up.

You Haven't Changed the Air Filters

The air conditioning unit could also freeze up if you haven't changed the air filters for a while now. Your air conditioner doesn't just pull in pure air, but it also pulls in dust and other particles in it. When these particles and other impurities get trapped in the air filters, they compromise the efficiency of your air conditioner in a big way. Any residential air conditioning unit with dirty filters will work harder to cool the rooms or maintain the desired temperature. However, if you contact air conditioning service technicians to change the air filters, the AC unit will defrost and become efficient again.

The Air Blower Got Broken

For you to enjoy that cool indoor air, your air conditioning unit must blow in cold air and blow out hot air. However, an air conditioner with a broken blower will not blow air in or out and get it where it should be. And because the unit isn't blowing hot air out, the AC unit is likely to freeze. Contact an expert in air conditioning services to fix the broken blower so the sweltering hot day doesn't take a toll on you. A broken blower is a problem that shouldn't wait.

Hot days mean more outdoor activities, but they could still distress you a lot if your AC unit has frozen up. If homeowners serviced their air conditioning units regularly, they would have fewer or no 'frozen-unit' issues to handle. With a frozen air conditioning unit, you can't enjoy staying or working from home.

Contact a residential air conditioning contractor for more information.

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