Why Your Basement Needs Air Conditioning

Basements aren't commonplace in Australian homes, but they're increasing in popularity. Maybe you already have an unfinished basement area beneath your home, or maybe some excavation is necessary to create sufficient space. Since you're creating additional living space, it's implied that the space will in fact be livable. For this to happen, your basement will require climate control.

Climate Control

Heat rises, and so the lower portions of your home are traditionally cooler than their higher counterparts. On a hot day, the difference can be negligible, so you cannot get away with an absence of climate control in your basement. 

Your Health

It's not exclusively an issue of comfort, and it can also be a matter of your health. The configuration of your basement might prevent adequate ventilation, and in some cases, the basement might be entirely windowless, meaning that artificial circulation of the air becomes crucial. 

Air Circulation

Air circulation and climate control in a confined space such as a basement is best achieved with air conditioning. Sure, adding air conditioning to your basement will increase the cost of the project, but it should not be thought of as an optional extra. It will also regulate the relative humidity of the space, meaning that your basement will not become a magnet for mildew.

A Dedicated Unit

A dedicated air conditioning unit for your basement will achieve the desired result, but the installation of such a unit might not be practical. A window-mounted unit relies on the presence of an actual window, and depending on the configuration of your basement, there might not be any windows at all, or the windows might not be of a sufficient size to install the unit. Such a unit can be built into the wall, but since it will be built into the foundations of your home, this can create additional complications.

Ducted Systems

Ducted air conditioning can be rerouted into your basement, but the ease of this job will depend on the location of these ducts. It can be simple enough to extend a nearby duct to feed chilled air into your basement, but again, this might not be practical. There's also the fact that your existing air conditioner cannot handle the additional load without compromising the air conditioning in the rest of your home.

Split Systems

A miniature split-system air conditioner with its own, dedicated outdoor compressor is the best bet for your basement. Its installation will not require large chunks of foundation wall to be sacrificed, nor will it affect your other air conditioning unit. It will have its own temperature setting, allowing you greater control over the temperature inside your basement.

Your new basement will not be all that comfortable without climate control, but not all air conditioners will give the best result.

To learn more, contact an air conditioning contractor.

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