4 Signs That Your Industrial Gas Heater Is Due for Repair

A broken gas heater can cause many inconveniences in the industrial heating processes. Unfortunately, many business owners are caught off-guard when this system breaks down. As such, it is advisable to remain alert so as to identify signs of an imminent breakdown. That way, you will not suffer unnecessary downtimes and losses in your production process. Read on to learn the four primary signs indicating that it is time to schedule industrial gas heater repair services. 

1. When Your Gas Bills Skyrocket

When a heater is defective, its efficiency reduces. This causes it to use more gas to heat your facility than it used before. Therefore, if your gas bills increase without an apparent reason, check your heater. A faulty heater could cause increased energy consumption if you have not introduced a new appliance or increased the number of hours you use the heater.

2. When the Heater Emits Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is colourless and has no scent. This makes it very hard to detect. However, you need to be alert when your system produces this gas because it can be fatal. Some of the signs that you have been exposed to carbon monoxide are a constant feeling of nausea, headaches and breathing complications. 

If you or your employees exhibit any of these symptoms, you should have the gas heater checked for a carbon monoxide leakage. Additionally, you should call an HVAC contractor when the carbon monoxide detector alarm goes off as it is an obvious sign of a leak. 

3. When the Heater Produces Loud Abnormal Sounds

When a commercial heater is new, it produces humming sounds that are not loud or disturbing. If the heater begins to produce chirping noises, it is a sign that the system has loose or broken elements. Banging and thumping sounds signal an ignitor problem. Any abnormal noise calls for the immediate attention of a professional HVAC technician. 

4. When Heat Production Goes Down Drastically

If your heater struggles to maintain the required heat levels, it is likely to be failing. Some of the causes of reduced heat production include a clogged burner, failing motor and clogged filter. In this case, you need to fix the system immediately because these flaws can disrupt your industry's operations. 

When your gas heater system exhibits any discussed signs, you should hire an HVAC contractor to inspect it and repair the flaws. Additionally, you should hire a contractor for regular servicing of the system. Proper maintenance keeps most of the issues at bay. 

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