Reasons To Choose Ducted Air Conditioning

If you want to keep your home comfortable during the summer, you may be deciding whether to install ducted air conditioning. Here are several reasons to choose this option.

Out Of Sight

A ducted system has an advantage over other units (such as split systems) because the cool-air-generating indoor component is installed away from the rooms. It's often fitted in the ceiling cavity, from where it pushes the cool air through the duct network, leading to the room vents. The only evidence you'll see inside your house is the discreet wall or ceiling vents. You won't have to deal with the eyesore of a bulky indoor unit as you do with other systems.


If you love peace and quiet, a ducted system can be an excellent cooling option because the indoor working parts are hidden in the ceiling and at a distance. Thus, you won't be disturbed by its operation. You'll have to figure out where in the garden to place the other essential part of a ducted system: the outdoor unit. This component is usually positioned in the garden, away from bedrooms and from your neighbours so as not to disturb them.


If you install a ducted system with zone control, you can choose which areas of the home you want to condition. You can decide to cool the whole house, so long as the duct network is extensive enough. Or you can opt to cool only a few rooms, such as the bedrooms, in the evening. A zoning system also gives you the flexibility to vary how much you heat each room. You have the option to cool everywhere even if you don't want to. This control will let you manage the ongoing energy costs of running the air conditioning.

Reverse Cycle Option

Ducted air conditioners also come in reverse-cycle versions that can heat your home as well as cool it. So one system can keep your house comfortable in all seasons. In general, reverse-cycle air conditioners are relatively energy-efficient heaters because of the way they work. They don't generate heat. Rather, they absorb the ambient heat in the outside air and relocate it inside. In cooling mode, these systems do the opposite. They collect ambient warmth inside your house and move it outdoors via refrigerant pipes. As the air conditioner removes the heat, the room gets colder.

If you're concerned with saving energy, you can install an inverter reverse-cycle model with sophisticated technology to keep rooms at a constant temperature. Inverter models can slow down and speed up rather than stop and start to maintain the thermostat temperature.

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